Lately Lufthansa send me to the Lofoten islands

My briefing told me that up there near the polar circle I will meet an ice surfer. Interesting I thought. When I arrived, I found out, that the surfer is actually a collegue, not a surfer. So I ended up taking pictures of a picture taker. Somehow it reminded me on Martin Parrs tourists project ;).

Just finished shooting the new Backwerk campaign

in a beautiful Bavarian monastery with a wonderful team: agency: WWG, artdirection: Thomas Pakull, production: Constanze Scheuerer @PeakProduction, photographers agent: Tobias Bosch, styling: Alexandra Dietl, foodstyling: Jutta Mennerich and Michael Koch, photoassitant: Gernot Seeliger, DOP: Tonda Bardehle, prod.assistant: Alina Rosenheinrich, models: Nikolas + Gwen @JAVA Model Management