Out now: My first Stern cover

With marvelous Annabelle Riess who badly had to suffer from February ice cold water in this shooting. Imagine, Annabelle diped her foot into water that was partially frozen…sometimes photographers are mean, I know and I was already terribly sorry when I made her do it…in the end the image didn’t even make it for the cover…I’m so sorry, Annabelle!

New Set: A whirlwind tour through the American West

This time I had to be really quick. Everyone in the industry knows that if it comes to celebrities you usually only get a hold on them for minutes in front of your lens. But these are then well prepared beforehand. Working on travel stories I usually have a little more time to get adjusted to the places and their people. In order to approach them in my speed. Not so on this wild trip. My job was to document a journey of a “worry-free high-speed tour group”. Well group tours are not exactly a new invention. But the velocity …

Silicon Bali

This month in Lufthansa exclusive magazine: Learn how these digital nomads are able to work from any paradise like place in the world. The ones I met for the story are working from Bali…what a dream! Check out more stories here: http://bit.ly/1IJunDJ

Cocoa planter assorts crop in Akpoupé region, Ivory coast.

Ivory coast for Jacobs Foundation, Exhibition in Zürich and book “Our promise to Youth”

  last Summer Jacobs Foundation assigned me, together with 6 other photographers, to document their activities in quality eduction in different parts of the world. The resulting pictures are now part of the book “Our promise to Youth” and an exhibition in the Johann Jacobs Museum, Zürich. Both are ment to celebrate the foundations 25th anniverary. For this project I was send to Ivory Coasts cocoa communities. In this region Jacobs Foundation focusses on quality training for teachers, helping schools with educational material and helped building the regions first college. Furthermore it offers free farmer field schools to train them …

New site, new set: winter go home, we are: Roadtrippin’!

You are invited to the housewarming party of my new website! No travel necessary, enjoy at your leisure and see you there! Very early this year, when I was just coming back from some wonderful days in Spain I met a friend in a park. I told her, that I’d be so happy to leave Berlin for good in direction of mediterranian Europe if it just worked out economically. I told her, that I hardly miss the beach in Berlin. And guess what! She had an incredibly good and easy solution for me. She took me along to Berlins marvelous …