GEO Wissen EL Hierro

GEO Wissen – Zuversichtlichkeit

I spend last january visiting a wonderful family from Berlin that had just droped out of their city life to live instead in a wooden cabin made from pallets surrounded by a hugh garden on a little paradise island called El Hierro. GEO Wissen now features their project in an essay dealing with confidence and positive thinking.

Lufthansa Magazin 05.2015, Manchester

Lufthansa Magazin cover story 05.2015

I just went to Manchester to check out how it reinvents itself as a city of the arts. Over there I met fashion designers, night owls and amateur soccer players. Check out the layout in Lufthansa planes this month or in the jobsheets section on this website.

sales report gagfah group

Recently published: 2014 Sales report GAGFAH GROUP

In February 2015 I had the challanging opportunity to bring summer back to town. Of course it was snowing with some degrees below zero in Berlin. So me and a great team had to get rid of quite some snow and add some sun. What a pitty for the nice GAGFAH staff models, that flashlights aren’t as warming as the real shining fireball. To see all images that we produced for the salesreport check the jobsheets section, or consolidate the GAGFAH Sales report itself.

Out now: My first Stern cover

With marvelous Annabelle Riess who badly had to suffer from February ice cold water in this shooting. Imagine, Annabelle diped her foot into water that was partially frozen…sometimes photographers are mean, I know and I was already terribly sorry when I made her do it…in the end the image didn’t even make it for the cover…I’m so sorry, Annabelle!

New Set: A whirlwind tour through the American West

This time I had to be really quick. Everyone in the industry knows that if it comes to celebrities you usually only get a hold on them for minutes in front of your lens. But these are then well prepared beforehand. Working on travel stories I usually have a little more time to get adjusted to the places and their people. In order to approach them in my speed. Not so on this wild trip. My job was to document a journey of a “worry-free high-speed tour group”. Well group tours are not exactly a new invention. But the velocity …