New Set: I miss the fish, but I don’t miss the fishin’

Every February the Pacific turns into lyric. The “Fisher Poets Gathering” in Astoria, Oregon is providing the opportunity to share thoughts and adventures with the crowd for Americas seamen. They just need to dare to get on stage. The story can be read in Lufthansas exclusive magazine this month but the edit in full length is only available here: I miss the fish, but I don’t miss the fishin’  

Look what I ate today!

    This is nothing I would usually bother you with neither here, nor in real life meetings. Sorry, but in this case it’s different. Just because you should try it too ;). San Sebastian has such delicious varieties of food plus it is the European culture capital this year. I fell in love. Actually already many years ago. Guess how happy I was to be send there once more. This time for Lufthansa magazin. Check it on planes this month! The website even comes with my first multimedia piece.  

New Set: Hong Kong in tasty bites

My set of January 2016 is online now. Check out Hong Kong in tasty bites to see what kind of strange things I tried lately. Among them: snakesoup (note, I usually call my self something like a vegeterian), birdsnest, fried see cucumber, chickenfeed, a jelly made out of nothing but tortoise shell and plenty of other such special dishes. Check out the full set to see some of it pictured.

Volkswagens super snifflers

Not long ago I had the opportunity to learn how Europes biggest car manufacturer Volkswagen takes care of the typical smell within a brand new vehicle. I met the desigerns of the “new car smell” and joined sniffling. Soon I’m going to buy a new Volkswagen I guess…It just smells so nice! If anyone wants my good old Renault Kangoo (equipped with a camping bed), its for sale now!

New set of december 2015: El Hierro

right now I am coming back from my 3rd visit to El Hierro within a year. Is this a holiday island without tourists, or an intact paradise? El Hierro is very different from the other Canary Islands – and intentionally so. Check out the fully set!

New set of the month: Ausgeballert?

Of course Mallorca isn’t part of Germany at all. But millions of German package tourists see it that way. Anyhow, the local government plans to change the style of germanys most visited tourist destination: s’Arenal. Check out the full set of images now at: Ausgeballert?