Uwe Kolbe and his son, Rapper "Mach One"

Uwe Kolbe vs. Mach One for DIE ZEIT

Lately DIE ZEIT send me out to meet an interesting father and son constellation. Uwe Kolbe is a classic poet and his son “Mach One” some kind of a German tough guy rapper. Read the interview here: http://bit.ly/1D7B4YI And now please tell me which image you would have chosen, my choice, or the one DIE ZEIT likes better?


Lufthansa Magazin cover story 07.2015: El Hierro

Lately I produced this months lufthansa magazine cover story on El Hierro, the island of my dreams since I spend last January over there. It is the very end of the world. Incredible nature of almost all types, almost no tourists, very few, very friendly inhabitants. just lovely ;)!  

poeple shoot pirol furnituring

Now online: Pirol Party

When little boys get a toolbox for their 5th birthday nobody knows what long-term consequences this may have. In some cases, the passion is growing – and turns a quarter of a century later into profession… Click the image below to continue reading!

GEO Wissen EL Hierro

GEO Wissen – Zuversichtlichkeit

I spend last january visiting a wonderful family from Berlin that had just droped out of their city life to live instead in a wooden cabin made from pallets surrounded by a hugh garden on a little paradise island called El Hierro. GEO Wissen now features their project in an essay dealing with confidence and positive thinking.