May 6, 2018

Family holidays

Germany’s region of Thuringia seems to be a perfect place for some nice active days with the whole family.
The Schütz family lives spread out all over Germany. So they decided to meet in the middle of the country, as it is a halfway point for all of them.
Their plan for this season’s family holiday is to spend three days together. Each day will be planned and controlled by a different generation. The first day is the parent’s day. Canoeing on the Saale river is scheduled. On the second day the grandparents turn. Time for some hiking at Germany’s famous “Rennsteig” trail. The last day is the day of the children’s choice. Their wishes are, no wonder, to climb the trees in a forest (in a high ropes course) and taking a nice dip in a nearby barrier lake afterwards.
I shot the story for ADAC Reisemagazin in summer 2012.

A father, a mother and four kids on their first tour in a camper. Their travel destinations are three little spa towns in Bavaria. Four days in 16 square meters, an experiment that isn‘t just adventurous but also quity funny. At the end of the journey all family members have agreed: The next camper tour is certainly coming up soon! I shot the story in Summer 2013 for ADAC Reisemagazin.