Jan 10, 2020

Campaign: Wines of Germany

Last summer I was more than happy to continue to visit Germanys beautiful wine regions. For DEUTSCHES WEIN INSTITUT I got the chance to see them all whilst working with amazing wine makers and a wonderful production team travelling with me to work on this campaign.

Thanks to you all for this great Summer journey.

Client: Deutsches Wein Institut

Agency: Butter.

Artdirection: Klaus Holsen

Production: Jessika Boltze

Assistent: Oliver Wolff

Postproduction: Kristina Reissland

Regional coordination: Susanne Breiling, Stephanie Megerle, Andrea Engelmann, Nicole Sebastian.

Models: Helmut Darting, Inga Storck, Christine Gutemann, Hermann Dimmeler, Fabian Dimmeler, Juliane Eller, Frank Achenbach, Tatjana Schmidt, Pauline Baumberger, Paul-Michael Schäfer, Alexander Weber, Paul Schumacher, Catharina Lambrich, Manuela Uhlig, Lisa Leinemann, Frank Neumann, Elisabeth Born, Konrad Buddrus.