Feb 22, 2020

Stadtwerke Düsseldorf – Zukunftsviertel

Stadtwerke Düsseldorf has always had one thing in mind: the best possible care for its citizens. Regardless of whether it is electricity or gas, water or heat – they love the city as much as the people of Düsseldorf themselves. And as one of the largest municipal utilities in Germany, they know the city and the needs of its residents very well. Stadtwerke Düsseldof are planing to use this knowledge to implement new technologies in the district of Unterbilk | Friedrichstadt – I helped them to communicate this project alongside with a great production team:

Client: Stadtwerke Düsseldorf
Agency: Butter.
Art Director: Romeo Bay
Production: Jessika Boltze
Fotomanagement: Tobias Bosch I Isabell Seifert
Styling: Natalia Witschke c/o Nina Klein Agency
Hair I Make Up: Franziska Sonnabend c/o Nina Klein Agency
Digital Operator: Gernot Seeliger
Lights-Assistent: Frank Lösing
Postproduction: Kristina Reissland
Locationscout: Peter Kalte
Models: Wilko c/o CIA I Gregor c/o CIA I
Roswitha c/o Thomsen I Noemi c/o Thomsen I Elian  c/o Thomsen I
Jessica c/o Thomsen I Fabiano  c/o Thomsen