Jun 24, 2020

F…ck the crisis, let’s drink!

We cooked a lot at home recently, enjoyed some calm days.

Than we started to wait for work to pop up. We waited a veeeery loooong time. Nothing happend. Nooooooothing at all. Not even a call, an email, any sign of still beeing of any kind of interest to the world. Nothing.

Wow, that is how beeing forgotten feels.
Unemployment is not really what I was expecting from life.
I am just too little relaxed for this state.

But hellyea, f…ck this god damned crisis: lets drink intead, friends!

But for real, I’d be much better of if you just gave me something to do :).

Models: Julia Haubitz, Yasmina Baron
Foodstyling: Christian Lamprecht
Produktion: Jessika Boltze
Location: Van Loon Berlin, Studio Sandrock