Mar 21, 2023

hansgrohe key visuals – wow, what a pleasure!

For incomparable water experiences, hansgrohe no longer thinks in terms of individual product solutions, but transform individual elements into a holistic bathroom experience. hansgrohe is rethinking the entire bathroom, rediscovering places of well-being by total enjoyment of water.

I am glad hansgrohe decided to make this fluid joy of life visible through my eyes. We just shot all key visuals of the entire new product range along with this great team:

Production: Maryproduction

On set production: Jessika Jäger

Light: Christoph Stampler, Sören Gerhard, Jan Wittrowski

Setstyling: Salome Ebken, Deborah Dixkens, Marian Rutges

Styling: Gisela Benzenberg, Yvonne Kammerer

Hair/Make-Up: Nino Allegro

Set: Ippolitofleitz, Peter Boeck

Client: hansgrohe

Agency: Zum goldenen Hirschen

Digi: Sarah Schmid

Postproduction: Retouching deluxe

and many more..