About Malte Jäger

About Malte Jäger

Malte Jäger

Lively, warm-hearted and absolutely authentic pictures that create the unique feeling of being in the most beautiful place in the world. If this is what you are looking for, Malte Jäger is your best choice. He will be able to create the „wow“ effect that you need for marketing your brand. Since about twenty years Malte jäger is specialized in producing this kind of images for beautiful hotels, well known brands, advertising agencies and editorial clients.

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with Malte
because he is the best choice if your are looking for a photographer able to create an authentic warmhearted vibe for your brand.

Malte photographs people, hotels and food with enthusiasm, out of personal curiosity, an enormous passion for detail and pure communicative interest. Maltes strength is being able to make his counterparts feel relaxed by a natural, humorous appearance at eye level. It comes in handy that Malte has the gift to optically understand places and products within seconds. Just give Malte a shout. He will be glad to work with you.

About Malte Jäger

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+49 221 292 861 11, hello@boschtobanrap.com, for syndication please refer to laif.de, Rober Kaci,  associated with Platnum.  Malte Jäger is based in Berlin.

Thanks a lot to Steffen Roth for the nice images on this site, to Pixelanker for the great webdesign and to Marian Marx for the beautiful about video. You guys rock!


About Malte Jäger